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Create an ecommerce website with powerful features to handle intelligent CRM, eCommerce, eMarketing, ERP, Quote to Order to Invoice Management, CPQ, eProcurement, Salesforce Management, Workflow Automation, Client-side & Supplier-side Integration and so much more...



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AI-Powered eCommerce

Get a full-featured professional eCommerce website for your customers to order online. If you're looking for a reliable way to QUICKLY & EASILY run, manage and scale your business in the Cloud, then you'll need the W3 iConnect eCommerce App to get you started.



AI-Powered eCommerce makes it EASIER for clients to research, learn and buy online!

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) being the future of eCommerce, today’s TOP performers like Alibaba, Amazon, CDW and many others are investing heavily to be the 1st to make it EASIER for customers to shop online by personalizing their browsing experience using AI. B2B & Retail eCommerce have been two of the fastest growing sectors within today's top industries, and AI is accelerating that success.

W3 has launched the industries 1st AI-Powered eBusiness Solution that offers sales organizations with a competitive advantage by making it EASIER on customers to do business with them and, in turn, accelerate sales. At the LOWEST cost in the industry, W3 has configured the industries most advanced AI-Powered eBusiness Solution that empowers business owners with their very own private-labelled Solution.

Using W3’s fully scalable Enterprise-Level platform, businesses can scale their online initiatives at their own pace to run, operate and improve the way they manage and grow their business in the Cloud. With your own ‘Ease of Doing Business’ customer facing strategy, growing sales is EASY!

Google SEO Included: Our SEO Sales Solution empowers resellers with a proven SEO strategy that increases website traffic and makes you become the most recognizable brand in your marketplace.

eCommerce Features and Benefits;

  • AI Powered eCommerce
  • Responsive Design
  • Multiple Storefront Access Options (Private / Public)
  • Supplier Supported Plugin Catalogs
  • XML Connections with suppliers
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Contract Management
  • Order Management
  • Request for Quote (RFQ / RTQ) Management
  • Storefront Marketing Manager
  • Punchout / Roundtrip Client-side Integration Support
  • Order Approval Workflow
  • API Connectors
  • Google SEO & Analytic Connectors
  • Marketplace Connectors
  • Social Media Connectors
  • Financial and Accounting Integration
  • B2C - General Catalog
  • B2B - Private Client Portal
  • RFQ - B2C Catalog
  • Custom / Private B2B Catalogs
  • Multi-location Storefront
  • Independent Agent Storefront
  • Franchise Storefronts (Independent)
  • Territory Storefronts (Auto-redirect)
  • Syndicated Storefronts
  • Punchout / Roundtrip (cXML) Connectors
  • Category Management
  • Manufacturer Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Rich Content Management
  • Media / Video Management
  • Product and Service SKU's
  • Build-to-Order SKU's
  • Bill-of-Material (BOM) SKUs
  • Hidden Bill-of-Materials (hBOM) SKUs

One View Customer Dashboard

Give access to your systems based on Salesforce, ConnectWise and other legacy systems to your customers. Provide a fully interactive and customizable interface that provides your clients with a personalized shopping experience.



Help your clients by making it EASIER on them to buy from you

A client portal is a secured electronic gateway between an organization and its clients. Authorized clients have access to a collection of digital files, services and business critical information related to their account where they can view, download and upload private information over the Internet using a web browser.

With W3's intelligent workflow engine, we can streamline, automate and replicate complex workflow approval processes in order to streamline, automate and speed up the approval process by digitizing your client's approval workflow using single-click automated approval or change request messaging.

With W3's intelligent workflow engine in place, making it easier for your customers to streamline and automate their purchase requisition approval process is a huge benefit for both you and your clients and at less cost.

  • Personalize your client's workflow
  • Automated workflow approval saves time & money


My Account: Quote, Order, Cart & Invoice Activity.

Integrating and synchronizing data made EASY! W3 Partner Portal Connectors make it possible to integrate and synchronize your Partner Portal's data with your W3 Solution.

By leveraging W3's flexible integration framework, W3 is able to streamline, automate and customize your W3 Solution to share & exchange data with your Partner Portal application at the specific time and place according to your workflow and business rules.

W3 Connectors are tailored to suit your specific software APIs and business rules, so you can easily connect, share, exchange and empower your workflow with a more efficient and seamless way to perform data operations.

With real-time connectivity & intelligent workflow automation, streamlining and integrating ALL your data silos into a singular, contextual, agile platform that works with ALL the TECH you already have, is EASY when using the iConnect OneView Dashboard.

Using our Business Process Automation as a Service (BPAaaS) and our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions; streamlining, automating and connecting All your business systems together with customers, suppliers, service providers, financial systems, legacy & 3rd party software applications to work better together is EASY.

The iConnect OneView Dashboard is the first data-centric platform that simplifies the Digital Transformation process of streamlining and integrating ALL your data silos into a singular, contextual, agile platform that empowers & connects ALL your departments across the organization to share, access & update your data in real-time from a single source to help you run your business better.

Using W3's advanced API & XML connectors, communicating, sharing & updating data in real-time across ALL departments, including data from your legacy systems, suppliers, 3rd party software applications and cloud based business solutions is EASY through your iConnect OneView Dashboard!

With W3 and the TECH you already have in place, the iConnect OneView Dashboard can help you QUICKLY & EASILY streamline, automate and scale your business in the Cloud the way you've always envisioned.

Sales Quoting

Create quotes or receive quote requests, then easily convert them to orders. If you're looking for a reliable way to QUICKLY & EASILY complement your iConnect eCommerce App with a fully scalable Enterprise-level quoting solution, then the iConnect eQuoting App is the perfect add-on for the job.



The EASIEST way to streamline, automate, build and share sophisticated Quotes in real-time!

W3 offers a real-time quoting environment that enables you with the ability to access and integrate vendor supplied configurators and other data to integrate & import, configure & share like vendor supplied bill-of-materials (BOMs) to pass back data into your W3 Quoting environment, so you can quickly and easily price and quote your client's requests without ever having to leave your W3 Solution.

As a fully integrated end-to-end CPQ environment, applying pre-defined business rules associated with your CRM like pricing, authorization, discounts, templates etc... are automatically computed and applied to help you build and share quotes via minimal efforts.

Building, negotiating, sharing and converting quotes into orders is EASY with W3.

  • Vendor & CPQ Punchouts
  • Vendor BOM imports
  • CPQ Importer
  • CRM Integration
  • CRM / Pricing Profile
  • Multi-Quote Template Selector
  • Automated Pricing Management
  • Integrated Pricing Calculator
  • Real-time Profit Dashboard
  • Supplier / Sourcing Management
  • XML Inventory & Cost Price Lookups
  • Proposal Management
  • Team Support & Security Access (Multiple Sales Reps)
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Salesforce Integration Connectors
  • Quote Revision Tracking
  • Quote Cloning & Merging
  • Import Pricing
  • Add custom Products on the Fly
  • Quote Reminder Management
  • Attach Files / Notes / sandbox
  • Client Portal Access
  • Convert Quotes into Orders
  • Add Special Terms & Conditions
  • Real-time Quoting Module
  • Quote Importer
  • Request For Quote (RFQ)
  • Respond To Quote (RTQ)
  • Attach Files
  • Reminder Notices
  • Notes (Private / Public)


Manage leads and customers from your back office or integrate with other CRM vendors like Sales Force. W3 provides both fully integrated CRM & Sales Pipeline modules for use within your iConnect Solution, however W3 can streamline, integrate and connect with your preferred software.



CRM & Sales Pipeline Connectors

W3 provides both fully integrated CRM & Sales Pipeline modules for use within your iConnect Solution, however W3 can streamline, integrate and connect with your preferred software.













Get a Website optimized for SEO and automatic URL submission to Google. Send out email campaigns to your leads and customers. If you're looking for a reliable way to QUICKLY & EASILY complement your iConnect eCommerce App with a fully scalable online marketing solution, then the iConnect eMarketing App is the perfect add-on for the job.



Digital marketing, dynamically tailored to your Customers!

The W3 Marketing Platform gives you a fully integrated environment that DYNAMICALLY auto-generates custom marketing campaigns that are tailored to each customer's specific profile in order to generate, schedule and send relevant campaigns to targeted contacts. Through minimal efforts, creating, scheduling and sending dynamically generated messages is EASY and powerful with W3.

W3 is uniquely positioned to offer DYNAMICALLY generated eMail campaigns, as W3 is the ONLY provider who offers a fully integrated suite of end-to-end business applications that leverages all the necessary business applications to auto-generate unique messages based on the recipient's business profile.

Streamlining, automating and connecting your end-to-end business processes is what makes W3's Marketing Platform Dynamic!

Promoting, marketing, generating and identifying new opportunities as they occur is EASY with W3.

  • eMarketing
  • Intelligent CRM Profiling
  • Leads Management
  • Segmentation & Groups
  • Email Campaign Scheduling
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Dynamically Rendered - Vendor Supplied Campaign
  • Commerce Marketing
  • CASL / CANSPAN Compliant
  • Opportunity Alerts
  • Sales Pipeline Creation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Email Delivery Metrics
  • Automated Resend & Drip Campaigns
  • CRM Profiling
  • Featured Product Marketing
  • Intelligent Banner Management
  • Coupons
  • Vendor Showcases
  • Gallery Showcase
  • Extended Collateral
  • Help-me-choose tools
  • Build-To-Order (BTO) Plugins
  • Forms & Surveys
  • UpSell / Cross-Sell / Similar Products
  • Google SEO & Analytics
  • Social Media Connectors
  • Marketplace Connectors



W3 is both CASL & CANSPAN compliant while empowering you with the ability to create and send DYNAMICALLY generated email messages. The net result is that EACH message is created using predefined campaign rules that are generated and sent in real-time to EACH recipient as a UNIQUE message based on the recipient’s business profile (pricing, authorization, opt-in's, favourites etc...). To increase the likelihood of having messages opened by recipients, EACH message is then personalized and sent using the email credentials of their assigned sales rep.

Once an email is opened & clicked by a recipient, an automated email alert is generated & sent to the assigned sales rep, so they can follow up & turn opportunities into sales. Being able to be at the right place at the right time is a HUGE competitive advantage, but when you combined this feature with the W3 Sales Pipeline module; promoting, marketing & influencing prospects is not only EASY, it’s effective when you have the right tools and information at your fingertips in real time.

With just a few clicks, generating, sending & influencing customers is EASY with W3. Because when it comes to turning GOOD sales organizations into GREAT ones, the key to success is all about increasing the FREQUENCY of which you’re able to reach, influence & act on NEW opportunities as they occur.


Search Engine Optimization

An all-in-one  SEO Strategy in one hub

Get everything you need in one hub!

Become the most recognized brand in your marketplace!

The SEO Business Solution empowers authorized partners with a proven revenue growth strategy that includes everything needed to scale your business while becoming the most recognized brand in your marketplace.

  1. Content (SEO Optimized)
  2. Technology (Digital Experience Platform Compared)
  3. Skilled Resources (W3 Authorized Agency Partner)

Starting with your unique selling proposition (USP) and ideal customer profile (ICP), we'll complete your SEO Google Profile and then set up your brand to be everywhere your buyers are.

Using our SEO deployment & keyword strategy, we'll leverage Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Email campaigns and more to help you rank 1st on Google for your brand using today's most complete SEO Business Strategy.

SEO is no longer an option, it's a survival necessity

The pandemic has fast-tracked everything digital and this means it just got a whole lot easier to tap into the world's largest network to reach, influence and connect with your ideal customers.

With the first all-in-one SEO Business Solution, you can now leverage Social Media and SEO to become the most recognized brand in your marketplace.

Plus, with our Free SEO Proof-of-Concept Program, you don't have to take our word for it, because we'll let you experience it, to believe it.


your brand Microsite

Empower your website with great content

You'll inherit the best your brand microsite to fuel your website with everything needed to stand out and get recognized by Google as the best your brand content contributor using our Topical Authority SEO strategy.

Your brand Content Synchronization Services (CSS) include:

  1. your brand Microsite
  2. your brand Mobile Friendly Content
  3. your brand SEO Google Profiler
  4. your brand CMS
  5. your brand Contract and Product catalog
  6. your brand High converting landing pages
  7. your brand Content Synchronization Updates
  8. your brand Keyword strategy
  9. your brand Email campaigns
  10. your brand Social media ads
  11. your brand Collateral assets
  12. your brand Topical Authority Value
your brand SEO Content and Microsite Strategy




Custom Emails

your brand Email Marketing

Send personalized emails

You'll inherit a suite of ready-to-send your brand email campaigns that will keep your clients informed and engaged.

With personalized emails and your brand opportunity alerts, fostering stronger relationships and growing sales is easy when you have the best your brand email marketing solution.




your brand SMM Solution

Free Organic Reach

Using ready-to-post social media ads, you can be everywhere your buyers are, so you can engage with existing customers who already love your brand.

  • your brand LinkedIn Ads
  • your brand Facebook ads
  • your brand Twitter Ads
  • your brand Instagram Ads
  • your brand Pinterest Ads
your brand Social Media Marketing ads (SMM)




your brand SEO Tactics and Specialities

your brand SEO Tactics

Mix-&-match SEO tactics to reach your goals

There are many types of SEO strategies to increase traffic, the key is finding the right combination.

  • your brand Content SEO
  • your brand Product SEO
  • your brand eCommerce SEO
  • your brand Local SEO
  • your brand Technical SEO
  • your brand On-Page SEO
  • your brand Off-Page SEO
  • your brand DNS SEO
  • your brand Social Media SEO
  • your brand Image SEO
  • your brand Video SEO




your brand Off-Page SEO

Take the lead by building your brand SEO authority

Using search to drive traffic requires a strong your brand off page SEO and back link strategy. Lets us build you the best your brand off page strategy!

Best your brand off page SEO strategy




Best your brand Local SEO Solution

your brand Local SEO Strategy

Drive local traffic

With your brand Local SEO, we'll make sure you're noticed.

  • your brand Google Business Profile
  • your brand Keyword strategy
  • Build a strong your brand citation portfolio
  • your brand Local webpages




your brand SMM Advertising

Run paid ads when and where it counts

The fastest way to drive traffic to your your brand microsite is using social advertising to leverage your unique selling proposition (USP) to target your ideal your brand customers (ICP).

  • your brand LinkedIn Ads
  • your brand Facebook Ads
  • your brand Twitter Ads
  • your brand Instagram Ads
  • your brand Pinterest Ads
  • your brand Youtube Ads
your brand Social Media Marketing Ads (SMM)




your brand Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

your brand SEM Advertising

Attract leads who are ready to buy

your brand Search Engine Marketing is a great way to leverage pay per click (PPC) and pay per thousand (PPM) advertising strategies to reach customers who are ready to buy.

  • your brand Google Ads
  • your brand Google Shopping
  • your brand Google My Business
  • your brand Business Profile
  • your brand Bing Ads
  • your brand Bing Shopping
  • your brand Bing Places
  • your brand Yahoo Ads
  • your brand Yahoo Advertising
  • your brand Yandex Direct



your brand Blogs and Newsletters

Keep your customers engaged

your brand Blogs and newsletters provide an easy way to keep customers engaged while improving your chances to rank 1st on Google for your brand.

  • Google Blogger for your brand
your brand Blogs and Newsletters




your brand Custom Content

your brand Custom Content & Collateral

Make your brand stand out

Creating and hosting unique your brand content is a great way to standout and rank 1st on Google for your brand.

  • your brand Infographics
  • your brand eBooks
  • your brand At a Glance
  • your brand Presentations
  • your brand Videos
  • your brand White Papers (WhitePapers)
  • your brand Data Sheets (Datasheets)
  • your brand Case Studies
  • your brand Solution Guides
  • your brand Research Reports
  • your brand Images




your brand SEO Schema and Rich Snippets

Standout with Rich Snippets on Google

With your brand rich snippets and advanced schema, we'll empower you with everything you need to stand out and rank 1st on Google for your brand.

  • your brand Schema
  • your brand Meta Tags
  • your brand Image Alt Tags
  • your brand Keywords
  • your brand Enhanced Product SEO
  • your brand Rich Snippets
your brand SEO Schema




your brand Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

your brand Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

The ultimate SEO digital experience

your brand DXP has an integrated software framework that engages everyone across the organization using digital touchpoints that seamlessly connects all your critical functions and customer facing applications into one fully integrated workflow solution.

  1. SEO optimized your brand Microsite
  2. your brand SEO Google Profiler
  1. your brand Content Management System (CMS)
  2. your brand Lead Generation and Marketing
  3. your brand CPQ and Sales Pipeline
  4. your brand eCommerce, Product & Contract Catalog
  5. your brand Order Fulfillment, Financial and Contract Management
  6. your brand Client Success & Help Desk Portal
  7. your brand CRM 360
  8. 40+ Add-on Apps, Integration & Custom Workflow
  9. your brand Back Office Control Panel




your brand SEO Agency Provider

Your SEO Business Specialists

You'll inherit a brand marketing and sales program powered by a dedicated team of SEO business specialists to help you become the most recognized brand in your marketplace.

  • your brand Contract Specialists
  • your brand Email Marketing Specialists
  • your brand SEO Specialists
  • your brand Content Creators
  • your brand Social Media Managers
  • your brand CMS Specialists
  • your brand Technology Consultants
  • your brand Road map Planners
  • your brand Workflow Specialists
  • your brand Integration Specialists
  • your brand eCommerce Specialists
  • your brand FaaS Specialists
  • your brand Funnel as a Service
  • your brand Profit Simulator
  • your brand Revenue Growth Specialists
your brand SEO Agency Provider

Workflow & Content Automation (WCA)

W3 offers an EASY way to help you streamline, integrate and automate all your repetitive tasks to gain NEW found efficiencies using DIGITAL automation and workflow integration.



WCA is an EASY way to build NEW efficiencies by streamlining, integrating & automating repetitive tasks.

Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) represents the consolidation of traditional workflow and content generation into a new category to support the needs of our DIGITAL economy. WCA is about improving processes – from the day-to-day repetitive tasks to the elaborate and sophisticated tasks. It’s about streamlining and automating everything from end-to-end as it relates to routing of content and data from one recipient to the next, in terms of keeping the process moving from start to finish based on pre-defined business rules. It’s about taking manual processes and streamlining them into being a fully automated, straightforward, repetitive process.

WCA is a NEW found efficiency category unto itself that can EASILY help companies gain huge competitive advantages both with internal efficiencies and with customer-facing EASE-of-Doing-Business offerings.

W3 provides the tools, technology and business know-how to give your company a competitive advantage by making it EASIER for your customers to do business with you.

Streamlining and automating repeatable business processes is an EASY way to gain new-found efficiencies!

  • Credit Management
  • Order Approval Workflow
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Payment Processor Connectors
  • Payment Management

Pipeline Management

The W3 Cloud Sales Pipeline offers you a systematic and visual approach towards helping you better manage opportunities by enabling you with real-time, EASY access to the information you need to control your actions and convert opportunities into sales.



Sales tracking made EASY!

When using the W3 sales pipeline as your main measurement tool to help identify key opportunities or by having W3 integrate and pass information into your 3rd party sales pipeline application like Salesforce, managing opportunities and growing sales become EASY when you have access to the best real-time indicators that tell you when to take the appropriate action about opportunities based of your sales funnel.

When you're able to measure opportunities, managing and converting them into sales is EASY!

Streamlining, automating and connecting your end-to-end business processes is EASY with W3.

Taking control and converting quotes into orders is EASY with W3.

  • Customizable Pipeline
  • Pipeline Management
  • Opportunity Alerts
  • Activity Reminders
  • Dashboard Metrics
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Salesforce Integration


Service Desk Management

The W3 Service Desk Platform offers you the ability to provides clients with a 24/7/365 self-service platform to initiate and track service requests.



Making it EASY to streamline service requests

Central help desk to manage and respond to your customers issues and inquires. Streamlining, automating and connecting end-to-end business processes, make it EASY for clients to manage, monitor and track service requests online.

  • Support / Ticketing System
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Software Licensing Management
  • Product Refresh Management
  • Return Management Authorization (RMA)

W3 Plug & Play Business Modules

With W3, you can run your entire end-to-end business processes in the Cloud using our Enterprise level platform, or you can pick & choose the modules you need and W3 will streamline, automate and integrate them into your existing business processes to function as a fully integrated business workflow solution.

W3 Modules

Supplier Plugin Catalogs

Plug-in Catalogs make it EASY for Content Owners to distribute and share STRUCTURED Content in a way that empowers Channel Partners with the tools, technology and digital content needed to promote, market and recommend your Brand more effectively & efficiently than ANY other means on the market.



Reaching Higher Sales Objectives is EASY with W3!

Source products from multiple distributors to offer the best pricing with inventory. iConnect Plug-in Catalogs are created and managed by Content Owners (manufacturers, distributors, franchisors, wholesalers, agencies, CSP, associations & others) using the W3 CaaS App.

Plug-in Catalogs are created and managed by Content Owners (manufacturers, distributors, franchisors, wholesalers, agencies, CSP, associations & others) using the W3 CaaS App. The purpose of a Plug-in Catalog is to make it EASIER for Channel Partners to consume & leverage structured content in a digital-ready format that can be used in real-time within a channel partner's iConnect eBusiness App without having to apply ANY resources.

In collaboration with your marketing team, W3 will custom configure a Marketing and Sales Profile(s) that will empower your Channel Partners with everything they need to Promote, Market and Sell your Brand more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

The iConnect CPN Cloud will become your NEW found competitive advantage as you make it EASIER for Channel Partners to do business with you.


Here are a few plugin catalogs:

PunchOut Catalogs


What is cXML PunchOut?

A PunchOut catalog resides on a supplier’s e-commerce site and is viewable by customers (buyers) who are using their own company’s procurement applications to make purchases. The customers procurement system redirects buyers from their procurement app to the supplier’s website. Once on the supplier’s site, they can search for, compare, and select what they want to buy before returning their shopping cart items to their procurement app for approval and purchase.

With the PunchOut mechanism, buyers can access a supplier's W3 iConnect storefront, automatically log in, search and browse the catalog, add items to the shopping cart, and return the cart back to their procurement system. Buyers can then process the returned cart through their internal approval processes and then submit it to the suppliers W3 iConnect portal as a purchase order.

W3 support for PunchOut integration to connect to Ariba and other similar buyer hubs, includes documents for:

  • Setup (company details and transaction profiles)
  • Catalog content
  • PunchOut  application integration
  • Submit and update purchase orders
  • Order confirmation,
  • Ship notice documents
  • Invoice documents

Here are a few PunchOut hubs W3 connects to:

Turn-key Business Solutions & Popular Add-on Apps!


If you're looking for a reliable way to QUICKLY & EASILY complement your iConnect Solution, then W3 has you covered with 100's of Add-On APPs & Plug-in Modules that are ready to help you streamline, integrate and grow your business better in the cloud. It's FAST, it's SIMPLE, and you'll be amazed at just how quickly you can scale your solution as your business needs evolve.




Accounting, ERP & HR Connectors: Streamline, integrate and connect your legacy & 3rd party software applications with your iConnect Solution.

Payment Gateway Connectors: The iConnect payment gateway connector provides business owners with an easy way to connect their iConnect Solution to a service provider that authorizes their credit card and/or direct payments processing requests.





CRM & Sales Pipeline Connectors: W3 provides both fully integrated CRM & Sales Pipeline modules for use within your iConnect Solution, however W3 can streamline, integrate and connect with your preferred software.












Marketplace Connectors: W3 offers business owners with an easy way to connect their iConnect Solution to their preferred software.




Signature App Connectors: W3 offers integration options to help you streamline and connect your iConnect Solution with your preferred software.





Social Media Connectors: W3 makes it easy on business owners to connect their social media platforms with their iConnect Solution.






Taxation Lookup Services:Taxation lookup services make it easy on business owners to empower their iConnect Solution with the proper sources to get tax compliance right.







eCommerce Storefront
Full featured eCommerce storefront with all the features you need.
Setup a Restaurant, IT Store, Hair Salon, or any other small to enterprise level business. A full-featured professional eCommerce website for your customers to order online. More about eCommerce
Google SEO
Website optimized for Google search engine optimization
The SEO Business Solution empowers authorized partners with a proven revenue growth strategy that includes everything needed to scale your business while becoming the most recognized brand in your marketplace. More about SEO
Create and revise Quotes.
Quickly & easily configure, price and share quotes with clients.​
Lead Generation
Get notified when a customer is on your storefront.
Easily generate & collect high quality leads.​​
Manage your Leads. Increase conversion rates.
Mange your customers and contacts.
Managing contacts with the help of AI, changes everything about making it EASIER for clients to work with you.​
Payment Gateways
Process payments in real-time.
Make it easy for clients to complete their payments using credit cards.​
Digital marketing, dynamically tailored to your Customers.
Get a fully integrated environment that DYNAMICALLY auto-generates custom marketing campaigns that are tailored to each customer's specific profile in order to generate, schedule and send relevant campaigns to targeted contacts.
Canned and custom analytics reports.
See complete reports on every aspect of your business to gain insights on what needs to be done. Gather data from all areas that have an impact on your online store and use this information to understand the trends and the shift in consumers' behaviour to make data-driven decisions that will drive more online sales.
Supplier Management
Manage real-time connected and Off-line Suppliers.
Create and send invoices to your Customers. Collect Payments.
Add punchout connections to your Customers.
Punchout catalogs enable Buyers to use their preferred internal procurement (eProcument) systems, like Ariba, Jaggaer, Coupa, Peoplesoft, SAP Round Trip, Oracle and so many other to initiate purchase orders and then at a click of a mouse, digitally connect with their preferred suppliers using their Punchout catalog to research, learn and add products to their purchase orders.
Bill Management
Bill your customers, setup recurring billing.
Sales Force Management
Mange your Sales people and Employees.
Accounting Integration
Integrate with your online or Desktop Accounting systems you currently use.
My Account Shipping Notifications
Auto Send shipping notifications with your product ships.
Watch your company grow in real-time. Provide a custom dashboard to your CEO.
Real-Time Connectivity
Connect to your suppliers for real-time Pricing
Storefront Chat
Chat with your customers. Help them place orders in real-time.
Be there for your clients when they need you most with real-time interactive chat features.​
Storefront Designer
Select from countless design styles and options.
Schedule appointments.
Discounts, Bundles and Configurations
Create product bundles, custom system builders, discounts, coupons, promotions.
Anything needed to help get the sale. Customers will be more inclined to purchase something if they see value in it, Promotional offers will do that. Use your analytics to figure out how to create promotions and special offers.
My Catalog
Add your products to your store.
3PL Integration
Integrate with third party Pick, Pack & Ship companies.
Asset Management
Manage your customers Assets. Know when to order re-fills and more.
Price Management
Price Management
Inventory Management
Create and manage Warehouses, Pickup-locations and more.
Service Desk
Service/Help Desk. Manage and respond to your customer's queries.
Add a Service/Help Desk to your storefront. Manage and respond to your customer's queries.
Supplier Price File management
Download and auto update your storefront with pricing from connected suppliers.
Custom Workflows
Create custom workflows for Order Management.


Top 5 Reasons To Work With W3

Qualified and experienced employees come at a price, and while some businesses may not be able to afford them, others are simply not ready to justify full-time dedicated resource(s) for those demanding and highly responsible positions. On the other hand, you may have the budget but are finding it difficult to hire the right employee(s) to build and manage your solution. By contrast, hiring people to build & maintain a cloud solution takes a lot of time, money and resources.

With W3, you get everything you need from a single source and from today’s most advance cloud business infrastructure, including; industry-specific business solutions and a DEDICATED team of cloud professionals, business experts and industry specialists who have all the knowledge to provide you with a BEST-in-Class experience, that’s hassle-free, delivered within hours and all at an affordable and predictable price.

At W3, we provide our clients with round the clock services and support 24-7-365 by proactively staying ahead of the competition by maintaining and addressing service issues before they happen. This means continually updating, upgrading and adding new features and services to our infrastructure like artificial intelligence, business intelligence, predictive monitoring and so much more. Everything from streamlining and automating repetitive tasks, integrating and maintaining connections with important resources, creating and deploying advanced technologies and so many others behind the scenes business critical functions.

W3’s biggest competitive advantage rests in its plug and play cloud business infrastructure. From end-to-end, W3 offers simple one-off APPs to offering enterprise-level solutions that streamlines, automates and connects entire industries to work better together in the cloud. W3 does everything, we connect and integrate with anything, and we provide solutions and support to every industry.

When it comes to customizing and scaling your solution from a fixed service plan to a fully customizable Enterprise-level eBusiness solution, the transition and upgrade path is EASY when using W3’s proven and tested ‘Start Smart’ eBusiness Review process. This review is part of our Professional Services offerings, where W3 takes the time to evaluate, document and create a ‘Current State’ Business Workflow Map of your existing business processes. Using this document and based upon your requirements, W3 creates an ‘Immediate State’ eBusiness Workflow Map that’s customized to your business to illustrate the best deployment strategy with the least amount of disruptions to meet your immediate objectives. As a final step, we’ll create a ‘Future State’ eBusiness Workflow Map that can be used as your Digital Road Map on how W3 can assist you even further into the future.

With W3, we’re a one-stop shop when it comes to streamlining, automating and running your business better in the cloud.

W3 does it ALL!

With W3, you get EASY access to a multi-million dollar cloud infrastructure, a best-in-class technology platform, 100’s of customizable industry-specific solutions, unlimited upward scalability, a support team that’s dedicated to delivering the very best performance and a scalable walk before you run deployment strategy that can work with ANY budget.

With unlimited scalability, best-in-class services and a predictable pricing model, W3 is here to help propel your company into the future at a cost you can afford.

At W3, we’re here to help you:

  • get started without risk and without further delay
  • streamline & automate your repetitive tasks
  • grow your business more profitably
  • become EASIER to do business with
  • offer more products and services to your clients
  • scale your business

Using our walk-before-you-run deployment strategy, combined with our predictable pricing model and growth strategy, growing your business in the cloud is EASY with W3.

With W3, we’re here to make it EASY for you to streamline, automate and run your business better in the cloud than you’ve ever imagined.

With W3 as your partner, growing your business has never been EASIER or MORE affordable!

  1. Speed to market, attention to detail and Ease of Doing Business
  2. Reduced risk in operational efficiencies of complex integration and cloud technologies
  3. Improved operational efficiencies (with better back office access, customer facing tools and improved day-to-day collaboration across all departments)
  4. Improved cost of operations (streamline, automate and connect with legacy systems)
  5. Accelerate investments in next-generation technologies
  6. Easier, quicker & faster access to business critical information
  7. Industry specific business workflows that are proven, tested and fully customizable
  8. Centralized computing via W3’s OneView Dashboard (CRM, Quoting, Orders, Procurement, Marketing, Pipeline, Business Intelligence, Accounting Integration, Client Portal, eCommerce & much more…)
  9. Improved client service portal to make it EASIER on clients to do business with (My Account Portal – gives clients real-time easy access to their business critical information).
  10. Service scalability, affordable pricing and a predictable pricing model

Plus, it’s FREE to get started!

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