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iConnect Marketplace (BPAaaS & iPaaS)

Punchout support for: Oracle Peoplesoft

W3 makes it easy on businesses to empower clients with the ability to inherit their own Punchout catalog to generate & submit purchase orders, receive invoices, obtain pricing & product availability plus much more.

Using your iConnect Solution, you can empower your clients with the ability to use their preferred procurement application to Punchout and connect with your catalog via the cloud to generate orders.

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Using all the latest protocols and message formats, including:

  • cXML Punchout
  • cXML Purchase Orders
  • cXML Order Confirmation
  • cXML Invoicing
  • Levels 1,2 & 3
  • OCI Roundtrip
  • Pricing & Availability

W3 makes it EASY to integrate your iConnect Solution with your customers procurement Punchout applications.

How it Works

Opportunity: Punchout / Round Trip made EASY by W3!

The quickest & easiest way to grow your business is to TAP into an exclusive group of clients including government facilities that buy / procure the majority of their goods and services through suppliers that offer and support Punchout & Round Trip Catalog Capabilities.

Resellers (meaning you, the seller of the goods & services) who offer Punchout catalog capabilities can easily become a SUPPLIER to an EXCLUSIVE group of premiere clients / businesses who ONLY want to purchase from resellers that support Punchout catalogs capabilities.

Punchout catalogs enable Buyers to use their preferred internal procurement (eProcument) systems, like Ariba, Jaggaer, Coupa, Peoplesoft, SAP Round Trip, Oracle and so many other to initiate purchase orders and then at a click of a mouse, digitally connect with their preferred suppliers using their Punchout catalog to research, learn and add products to their purchase orders.

No manual order entry, no paper work, quick & easy and all at a click of a mouse.

It’s procurement made EASY!

Using your iConnect Solution, enabling customers with Punchout catalogs capabilities is a guaranteed way to attract new customers and grow your business.

With more and more clients streamlining and automating their procurement responsibilities, opportunities surrounding Punchout catalogs is becoming a growing trend and soon it will no longer be an Option, but a survival necessity.

With your iConnect Solution, W3 makes it EASY on you to support your clients procurement Punchout capabilities.

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