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Pipeline Management



Sales tracking made EASY!

The W3 Cloud Sales Pipeline offers you a systematic and visual approach towards helping you better manage opportunities by enabling you with real-time EASY access to the information you need to control your actions and convert opportunities into sales.

When using the W3 sales pipeline as your main measurement tool to help identify key opportunities or by having W3 integrate and pass information into your 3rd party sales pipeline application like Salesforce, managing opportunities and growing sales become EASY when you have access to the best real-time indicators that tell you when to take the appropriate action about opportunities based of your sales funnel.

When you're able to measure opportunities, managing and converting them into sales is EASY!

Streamlining, automating and connecting your end-to-end business processes is EASY with W3.

Taking control and converting quotes into orders is EASY with W3.

  • Customizable Pipeline
  • Pipeline Management
  • Opportunity Alerts
  • Activity Reminders
  • Dashboard Metrics
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Sales Forcasting
  • Salesforce Integration
  • & so much more

How it works

A sales pipeline is a visual representation of sales opportunities and where they lie within your sales process. A sales pipeline is an excellent way to help sales reps follow a structured sales approach when creating opportunities in order to make it easier to reach, track and exceed their sales quota’s. This module enables sales managers with the ability to forecast potential deals in their sales by stage, product group, sales rep, territory or by customer.

Why should you care?

Sales pipeline management is a primary contributor towards achieving sales success. Your sales pipeline is the key to evaluating, managing and ultimately improving your sales process so that your sales team can close more deals more quickly and consistently.


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