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W3 Partner Program is designed to help you grow your revenue base by enhancing your portfolio with value added Business Management solutions and packages... and it's free to join!

W3 partners range from financial service providers, website designers, sales reps, cloud service providers, developers, technology companies and many more.

W3 Partner Program rewards the quality and value of the partner-to-customer relationship. W3 pays some of the highest commissions of any partner program. You earn recurring revenue for every customer you help sign up through your Partner portal.

The W3 Partner program comes in two flavors, one is designed for online marketing gurus and the other for certified financial professionals.


W3 Affiliate Program


If you are a marketer, blogger, cloud service provider, web designer, have a social media following, send newsletters or just an online guru, you can sign up for the W3 Affiliate Program and start leveraging your website traffic and customers today!

Start earning today!


W3 Management Program for Accountants and Bookkeepers


W3 recognizes your financial expertise and your relationship with your customers and rewards you accordingly.

Partnering with W3 gives you a great opportunity to strengthen relationships with your customers and become a go-to resource for all things business, allowing you to:

  • Provide a one-stop shop for intelligent business automation and management solutions.
  • Automate and streamline your Customers business to reduce costs, become more agile and do more with less.
  • Build customer loyalty and stickiness.
  • Earn recurring revenue.


Managed Service Provider


As a financial professional, you can also qualify to become a W3 Managed Service Provider (MSP). Of course W3 trains you to become a MSP.

MSP's can charge their customers additional fees to manage and help them run their business on the portal.

How does it work?

  • You sign up for the W3 Partner Program. W3 will contact you and validate your credentials.
  • Once approved, you are issued a Partner Portal account along with a unique referral link that you would use on your website to promote W3.
  • When a potential new customer clicks on the link and fills out a "Contact Me" form, you see the customer's name in your Partner portal dashboard.
  • W3 works with the potential customer to determine their business requirements and proposes the most optimum solution or package.
  • Once the Customer signs up and starts paying, your portal reflects your commission earnings as per your contract with W3.


It's that simple!


Join the W3 Partner Program



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