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Start Smart eBusiness Review

When it comes to leveraging technology to help you streamline, automate and create new efficiencies, encountering hurdles is part of the journey. At W3, we like to minimize those hurdles by following a proven and structured deployment strategy that enables our clients to make the right decisions from beginning to end and not solely based on a good sales pitch, but based on a fully customized step-by-step documented road map to ensure their success.

The Review

The purpose of this review is to help organizations create a deployment Digital Road-Map that's based on following a step-by-step documented approach according to your specific business objectives. As much as technology plays an important factor in acquiring eBusiness success, creating and implementing the right digital road-map is ultimately what’s going to determine your success.

eBusiness SUCCESS, it’s NOT just about the TECHNOLOGY, it’s about your DEPLOYMENT strategy!

This review is used to identify and visualize new opportunities where technology can be leveraged to offer you new found efficiencies that will help you run your business better and grow your sales faster. This exercise touches on everything within your business processes to determine how you currently run and operate your day-to-day business activities.

W3 will benchmark both your User & Business requirements against that of W3's proven eBusiness platform (and others as requested) in order to provide you with a eBusiness road-map so that you will have ALL the information you need to make an informed decision.

Non-validated decisions is the #1 reason why most companies eBusiness initiatives fail.

Choose Wisely!

Why you should use this service

Simply having technology providers supply you with a list of ‘Yes’ & ‘No’ responses to features and modules you require and/or provide you with a rehearsed product demo to demonstrate these features is not the right way to go about basing your decision on selecting a technology solution for your business needs. You need a solution that's not only going to support your immediate FEATURE & MODULE needs but you need a solution that's capable of communicating, integrating and sharing data with all your existing business processes.

This can only be done using a documented & proven digital road map that’s supported by a customized deployment strategy that meets both your immediate and long term future objectives that's capable of streamlining, automating and integrating with your existing business processes. Technology alone, is not the answer.

eBusiness SUCCESS, it’s NOT just about the TECHNOLOGY, it’s about your DEPLOYMENT strategy!

Using a non-validated approach, is a sure way to put you, your company and your customers in harm’s way. Unknowingly (for most), the decision you’re about to make regarding the direction of your eBusiness initiative, is and will be the MOST important decision you make as it relates to the success of your eBusiness initiative and possibly your business. The future of your company depends on making the right decision and this is why you need this service.

Time is of the essence as your customers are SILENTLY demanding an easier way to do business and if you cannot make it EASIER on CUSTOMERS to do business with you, your CUSTOMERS may accidently find someone else who can!

Don’t lose customers because you decided to make a non-validated decision on choosing the right eBusiness solution for your needs!


  • You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to successfully streamline, automate, integrate and make your online business initiative a success.
  • Benchmark & evaluate your requirements against that of a proven and tested eBusiness platform.
  • Define & document your the type of features, modules and processes that are required.
  • Define integration requirements and the the consequences of not integrating.
  • Define connectivity points (identify all software, 3rd party services & clients that may need to be integrated or have real time accessibility to their data)
  • Provide a Solution Road-Map with recommendations.
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