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iConnect CPN Cloud for Franchisors

Double your Sales Opportunities by making it EASIER on Franchisees to Promote, Market & Sell your Brand!

The iConnect CPN Cloud is the first Channel Partner Networking Solution that enables Franchisors with everything they need to empower Franchisees with the tools, technology and digital collateral needed to QUICKLY & EASILY launch their own private-labelled Marketing and Sales App.

With the iConnect CPN Cloud, doubling your Sales opportunities is EASY when you make it SIMPLE on Franchisees to Promote, Market and Sell your brand more effectively!

The EASIER you make it on Sales Partners to Promote, Market & Recommend your Brand, the more sales you'll generate!

In collaboration with your sales team, W3 will custom configure a Marketing and Sales Profile that will empower your Sales Partners with everything they need to Promote, Market and Recommend your Brand more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

With 100's of Apps to build from, W3 can custom configure a unique Profile that will give you a Sales Partner App that will align perfectly with your Sales Strategy to make it EASIER on your Sales Partners to sell your Brand.

Reaching Higher Sales Objectives through the Channel is EASY with W3!

Channel Sales Made EASY!

When it comes to growing Channel Sales, the ONE word that defines the difference between a ‘GOOD’ Sales Strategy and that of a ‘GREAT’ one, is FREQUENCY !

FREQUENCY is the measure at which you're able to empower your Sales Partners with the tools, technology and digital collateral needed, to make it EASY on them to promote, market and send your collateral to their contacts on a regular basis.

  1. The EASIER you make it on sales partners to send your collateral on a recurring basis (via their own iConnect Marketing App), the more opportunities they'll generate; and
  2. The EASIER you make it on sales partners to enable their customers with the ability to research, learn and purchase your Brand (via their own iConnect eCommerce App), the more sales you’ll generate!

By launching your own iConnect CPN Cloud, reaching higher sales objectives through the Cloud is EASY!

W3, the Business Cloud that does Everything!

W3 makes it EASY on organizations to launch their very own W3 powered eBusiness Solution without having to focus on the underlying technology, software or content to run, manage and grow their business better in the Cloud via minimal resources and at the lowest cost in the industry.

Today's MOST Powerful Business Solution as a Service (BSaaS) Platform that does EVERYTHING, connects with ANYTHING and supports EVERY Industry.

Doing Business in the Cloud, has never been EASIER!

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