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Until now, there's never been an easier way for manufacturers to play a pivotal role in getting millions of indirect customers to purchase their products.

W3 is reshaping the way channel partners collaborate, coordinate and execute their direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing initiatives.

For more than a decade, W3 has proven itself to be an invaluable strategic technology partner to manufacturers, distributors, retailers & VARs in generating new and profitable revenue streams. We help channel partners collaborate in real-time by quickly and easily taking manufacturer specific marketing messages such as:

  • Product specs;
  • White papers;
  • Product configurators;
  • TCO - Total cost of ownership tools;
  • CTO - Config to order tools;
  • System configurators;
  • Help Me Choose tools;
  • Sell sheets;
  • Promotional materials;
  • Product specialty pages;
  • Brand kiosks & much more...

and auto-delivering them to resellers & VARs as private label direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing campaigns. These campaigns are either auto-populated onto the channel partner's web site or auto-emailed to the channel partner's customer list.


The Channel Problem

Manufacturers that sell through the channel battle significant inefficiencies as it relates to their indirect customer demand generation practices. Dealing with inconsistent partner communications, unreliable indirect customer communications, no way of influencing indirect customers and practically no way of measuring the effectiveness of their channel marketing efforts.

All-in-all, manufacturers struggle with the age-old problem of  resellers & VARs not being able to effectively get a manufacturers message into the hands of their customers & prospects.


The Solution

The W3 eBusiness Marketing & Sales Platform is designed to to strengthen a manufacturers brand presence by making the communication processes easier amongst channel partners to powerfully connect, retrieve, auto-configure, market, generate demand and influence their respective markets through our easy-to-use self-managing online marketing platform.

W3's innovative technology empowers manufactures with the ability to convert their consumer marketing campaigns and sales tools into private-label partner messages that can be embedded into their channel partners' Web systems. Thereby forming a fully integrated and seamless channel marketing process that's guaranteed to help channel partners market and sell your products more effectively.

Hence bringing new meaning to the term ' Ease of Doing Business '.


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The Channel's  #1  Business Formula for Success   =   Ease of Doing Business

The #1 winning formula behind any successful business strategy, rests in its ability to be easy to do business with. Success within the channel is no different. It's all about making it easier on channel partners to sell, and easier on indirect customers to buy.

The easier you make it on channel partners to market, generate demand and recommend your products, the more they'll sell.

And this is the value proposition that W3 brings to the table:    Ease of Doing Business.


W3 Syndication Services   =   Channel Marketing Made Easy

By catapulting manufacturers into the world of direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing and demand generation activities, W3 makes it fast and easy to launch, manage and syndicate private-label D2C marketing messages that makes doing business through the channel a profitable experience enjoyed by everyone.

Designed to maximize reach, generate demand and make it easier on channel partners to sell, the W3 Syndication Service gives manufacturers the controls they need to position their messages while protecting the integrity of their brand:

  • Through minimal efforts,  W3 provides maximum value;
  • Through a single message,  W3 provides maximum exposure; &
  • Through one service,  W3 provides full channel visibility.


Markets:    Retail  -  SMB  -  Mid  -  Enterprise

W3 provides marketing and sale services into multiple market sectors, ensuring that manufacturers can leveraged their marketing communications across multiple business entities and partners. This helps reduce costs, share workflow processes and content, provides for enterprise-wide reporting and analysis across market sectors, and establishes more standardized distribution and syndication processes - all while providing individual markets the flexibility to operate independently and customize communication experiences according to each markets individual creative requirements.

W3 provides syndication services into the following sectors:

  • Retail Market
  • SMB Market
  • Mid Market
  • Enterprise Market

W3 Syndication Services:   If you're looking for a better way to play a pivotal role in getting millions of indirect customers to purchase your products?  Contact us  for more information.

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